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FM Insider issue 31- Blog on Pricing FM Services Outsourcing Tender, Report on UK Manufacturing, Industrial & Pharma Market, Talk by Matt Hyde OBE, Thanks Giving special – FREE APMP certification training, Go to Marketing Support, Micro Certification…

Baskar Sundaram
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Issue #31

Friday, November 12th , 2021

FM Blog Posts Corner

How much will your next Facilities Services Outsourcing Tender cost?

Pricing is all about customer value. How do providers price FM services? What can be done to ensure that the buyers get the right value out of your next FM Outsourcing deal? Get to know the seven factors that need to be considered while deciding on the price and thereby attain a more holistic view on pricing and negotiation. Continue Reading

FM in Manufacturing, Industrial & Pharma(UK) Market Report– Overview, Impact of Covid19, FM Contract's Average Size & Duration by FM Service Type & Advice for FM Service Providers Navigating Covid19

We have compiled the latest data & updates and crafted the report on FM in Manufacturing, Industrial & Pharma Market for you. The report comprises an overview, and the average size and duration of FM contracts by type. It also contains advices for the FM service providers who navigate covid19. Check out the report and get to know how FM works in the Manufacturing, Industrial & Pharma market. Click Here

Thanks Giving Special- FREE APMP Certification Training

Do you have a bid & proposal professional in your team looking to pursue APMP certification? For Thanks Giving, we are pleased to announce 20 training scholarships* towards APMP Foundation Certification(valued $225 + VAT each).
* Limited to one person per company
First come first served
20 places ONLY
Self nomination not accepted
If you have more than one team member, you can benefit from our Buy 1 Get 1 (upto 10 members) offer valid till 26th November 2021. Drop us a line at With 100% success rates across all APMP Certifications, we have supported 1200 professionals in 31 countries. We will support your team's learning needs.

Go to Marketing Support

Go to Market Content Strategy is the basic element of all digital marketing. Great thought leadership content is the best inbound sales tool. In this digital world where every other firm is coming up with new content, you need effective “data-driven”  content strategy that will make sure that you stand out from the crowd.

We are here to help you differentiate your brand story in writing up reports, articles, whitepapers and more backed by FM market insights and industry data points. To utilize our content marketing services, contact us Here

Tales to Remember

Leadership is more about responsibility than power. Being a leader is not everyone’s cup of tea. The pandemic has urged people to take the initiative and speak up for themselves as well as for their fellow beings. We at Baachu Talk invite such leaders to share experience and inspire us all. Read below to know more and get the best of it.

This week our guest for Baachu Talk was Matt Hyde OBE.  He is the Chief Executive of UK's largest coeducational youth movement, the Scouts. He has proved his leadership skills through a variety of roles in the charity sector including the National Union of Students(NUS).

Matt is well acknowledged for developing the world's first degree apprenticeship  for social change which launched at Queen Mary's University of London in 2019. He was awarded an OBE in 2020 and was named as one of the 25 most influential charity sector leaders by Charity Times in 2019.

To know more about Matt Hyde, his memories as part of the Student Union in Queen Mary's college and his experience of being associated with the Scouts, check out the full episode right now. Happy listening!

We have 24 outstanding as well as diverse human leadership stories from UK Government and industry. To check out, visit our website and listen now Baachu Talk Podcast

What's Popping?

Facilities Management sector is  very diverse and transitioning with many new contracts being won by the top companies and new appointments taking place. It is necessary to keep a track and stay updated. We provide you with the top 3 Pick every week  and OUR CAPTURE BOT can automatically pull competitor and customer intelligence. Drop us a line –

New Announcement

ISS joins the Mentoring Refugee Women initiative launched by the Tent Partnership for Refugees

Read More

UK Updates

JPMorgan Chase UK offices to be powered by 100% renewable electricity

New Achievement

Find out how DOE's Better Plants industrial partners saved $9.3 billion in energy costs

Read More

Micro Certifications

Rebid Management

A lot of businesses lose the grip just because they failed to put the right amount of focus and attention on rebids. There are a number of factors that need to be considered while preparing for and running a successful rebid.   Get your hands on some techniques, ideas and valuable advice on how to manage the whole process of rebidding through this Micro Certification Masterclass on Rebid Management. Have a good time!

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