Facilities Management Market Dashboard

What do you want to know?

  • Is your market is big enough (or if it’s too big and how to make it “smaller”) ?
  • Whats your target sector, who is your client, when do they procure their service, and what they want to buy?
  • Who are your biggest competitors are, what they are selling, and IF they are successful?
  • What are your adjacent markets and how to get into these markets?
  • Which products and services are already selling and working the best for your market?
  • How much of the market is outsourced in UK Public sector and UK Private Sector?
  • How can I boost my pipeline in the quickest possible time?
  • Brexit – What is the future for Facilities Management?

Do you know How much of the FM market is outsourced in UK Public sector and UK Private Sector?

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    UK Facilities Market Overview

    Global Facilities Market Overview

    Brexit Readiness Checklist for FM Companies

    Experience How UK Strategic Suppliers Build, Sustain and Grow their Market?

    Providing the latest analysis and insights on UK Facilities Management Market, first time ever Detailed breakdown of the market by services, type and revenue.

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    Facilities Manager; FM Business Development Manager; FM Sales Manager; FM Sales Director; Estates Manager; Operations Manager; Contracts Manager; Grounds Maintenance Manager; Operations Director; Commercial Director, Head of Commercial; FM Bid Manager; Maintenance Manager; Head of Estates; Director of Estates; Head of Workplace; Building Manager; Divisional Manager; Regional Facilities Manager; Cleaning Manager; Area Manager; Hard Services Manager; Soft Services Manager; Mobilisation Manager; Client Services Manager; Account Manager; Account Director; Compliance Manager; Real Estate Manager; Asset Manager; Head of Asset Management; Head of Real Estate,Facilities Management Recruiter, FM Business Owners, FM Consultant, Freelance BD Professional. FM Sector Investors, FM Businesses looking to enter UK

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    A Deep Dive Into UK Facilities Management Market – How to Measure, Prove and Optimise the ROI Value of Your (or your Clients) FM Pipeline

    Know your FM Market - How to Measure, Prove and Optimise the ROI Value of Your (or your Clients) FM Pipeline

    Everything you need to understand which Facilities Service Market drives the most ROI for your business and How to improve it

    Pipeline Generation with market insights is one of the cornerstones of a sales strategy and can be extremely effective when used correctly. However, a common problem that often arises with pipeline development is not knowing where to start or what my market is. Much of this comes from the fact that it can be difficult to measure the impact of market sizing on a company's bottom line, and therefore, understand what works and what doesn't.

    This perceived lack of measurability and inability to place value on your pipeline and market means that many of us are shooting in the dark, creating tactical projects for the sake of it, or putting the strategic planning on the back-burner to concentrate on things that are more easily measurable.

    Here's the thing: just because you are busy with OJEU tracker projects or cold calling or digital marketing lead generated projects, doesn't mean it's more valuable.

    That's why we're bringing you this exclusive masterclass featuring Baachu’s Founder and Director Baskar Sundaram, first ever break down of Facilities Maintenance Market. You'll come away with actionable insights that'll show you how to get a better understanding of your market and its value, while optimising your sales strategy for maximum ROI.

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    • Location: Anywhere in the world
    • Level: Beginner/Intermediate
    • Setting: Online/Virtual
    • Webinar Length: 90 min with Q and A

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    Baskar Sundaram is an award winning Entrepreneur, Founder/CEO of Baachu. More than 30 GLOBAL Companies, Investment firms and GOV bodies use Baskar regularly to advice on complex strategic growth & organisational challenges and gain market feedback. 12/20 UK top strategic suppliers have used Baachu to generate and sustain their in year revenue targets. He founded, www.BaachuScribble.com in March 2019, learning platform for government suppliers with largest collection of training courses, tools and templates in proposal, commercial, capture and sales management anywhere on the planet.

    In the webinar masterclass, I will reveal…

    FM Dashboard Overview

    • Measure the impact and value of market sizing
    • Understand what type of sector or services works best for you
    • Optimise and improve your sales strategy to improve the quality of your pipeline
    • Demonstrate the value of market sizing and strategic planning to your business

    The United Kingdom is one of the largest markets for facility management services in Europe in terms of maturity and sophistication. The market is highly competitive as well, owing to the presence of several organized players and strong presence of top global companies, such as Mitie, ISS, Sodexo, CBRE, JLL among others.

    The market has been valued at USD 63.97 billion in 2020 by Mordor Intelligence. Frost & Sullivan estimates the UK FM Industry revenues to be $43 Billion. As per our database the overall FM market in the UK stands at £107.2 billion in TCV. The public sector contributes 59% while the private sector contributes 41%. Among the service types Hard & Soft FM Contributed almost equally at 36% & 35% respectively. The integrated services contributed with 29%. Local government authorities were the lead buyers in the overall stack with 19% of value contribution followed by Central Government and Office both at 14% each.

    For details, Read the free  Summary report. 

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