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FM & Workplace Services CCS RM 6232 Framework – Customer & Supplier Live Webinar

Baskar Sundaram

Government, public and private sector teams put so much on the line – to create something of value for themselves, their community and the country. Behind every service there is a tender and colloboration. This article is my little part to demystify the largest FM tender for Tier 1, Tier 2, SME and third sector FM Service Providers and enable us to come together and kickstart a concerted effort to maintain and build on this – ‘Together’.

Disclaimer : Baachu CCS webinars and articles are independent training resources managed by Baachu for the FM industry. 

The live interactive webinar provided customers & suppliers with the latest updates for RM6232 FM & Workplace Services. We have summarised the principles discussed in the CCS webinar. If you have any further  questions, please contact CCS team at:

Keith Finnigan, Head of FM, introduced the CCS team and the agenda. Keith spoke about how CCS plays an important role in helping the UK public sector save money when buying common goods and services. CCS is the biggest public procurement organisation in the UK, which uses the commercial expertise to help buyers in central government, public and third sectors to purchase everything from locum doctors and laptops to police cars and electricity. CCS team goal is to ultimately provide sustainable solution and customer satisfactions remains of prime importance. The CCS Pillars include Buildings, Corporate Solutions, People and Technology.

Robert Bodell, Commercial Director shared the procurement timeline

  • Out to Tender – Oct 21
  • Tender Submission Deadline – Dec 21
  • Evaluation – January – March 22 
  • Award – April 22 (Target Date) 
  •  Framework Go-Live – July 22

& Lot Structure below  

Stephanie Porter shared about the supplier engagement  so far. A survey was sent to the customers, suppliers & stakeholders. Responses were collected and this survey results helped CCS  to develop the framework procurement strategy –  specification, pricing, KPI and Terms & Conditions. CCS team also met with education, local authorities and NHS sector. A Customer focus group is being setup within CCS to review documentations before the formal launch of the framework.

Paul Davis detailed the current RM6232 specification which is under process and compared it with the previous framework RM3830 . Paul highlighted the inclusion of Social Value and  Carbon Net Zero Modules. The recent situation of the Covid-19 pandemic will also be taken into consideration and its implications on the cleaning services and supply of consumables will be also considered in the specification. Also, there will be more  targeted focus on waste streams like clinical waste aligned to EWC codes & HTM 07-01. Feedback was taken from the customers on the creation of Blended/ consolidated security module. There will also be separation of EPC and DEC to simply customers sections of services and pricing. Also enhanced training requirement, to include Covid19 like awareness training and added focus on diversity and inclusion policies. Paul also focused on a series of minor changes to remove confusion in lieu of suppliers and customer feedback like group relamping and provision of AP/AE resource etc. The important thing to note here is that a number of these planned changes will have impacts in other areas, such as pricing, evaluations, reporting and KPI performance monitoring processes.

Becky Leftwitch spoke on the Terms and Conditions and informed the audience that CCS will be using the standard CCS public sector Contract which included the core Terms, Frame Schedules and Joint Schedules. Becky highlighted some customers prefer using NEC ‘Bolt on’. There will be key improvements in Terms and Conditions like Billable works and  TUPE Surcharge. In terms of call off Processes and award Criteria CCS will have the provision to select the suppliers by the sector and geographical locations. Customers will now use Estimated Contract value, rather than assessed value which involved a lot of calculations and finally there will also be removal of FM schedule.

Mike Critchley shared the approach to pricing. Mike detailed how the pricing strategy will be similar to the previous framework (RM3830). CCS will continue to retain regional based approach (Based on EU NUTS 2021 data).  There will be improvement in user experience in completing the Price Matrix. The Scoring methodology will be changed i.e moving from “lowest price wins” to a variance from median scoring scale. There will be changes in the service line – the security services will be consolidated into one blended rate and recycling waste will be spit out into component parts.

Mark Williams updated on the key performance indicators and proposed few key changes such as the KPI % fee at risk will remain capped at 6% but may also be increased or decreased to align to the % profit value stated as part of a further Competition. The KPI Model and Pay Tool will be combined for simplicity and better user experience.  Customers with a need to separate KPIs across sites may do so i.e KPI Credits will be calculated in respect of each site, and they will be reported and deducted against Charges due by each respective site. There will also be an updated Guidance Document and more flexibility in the naming of KPI Category  headers and more. KPI Performance measure will be introduced for Billable Works to address backlogs against agreed timescales for delivering Billable Works. 

Paul Davis introduced NEW  Low value Maintenance & Responsive FM Service Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS). Engagement with customers especially Wider Public Sector like education, local Authority and Charities have indicated a preference to utilise SMEs and local supply chains. And Engagement with existing framework suppliers have indicated they are unlikely to bid low value maintenance and responsive repair works, mainly recommending that CCS adopt DPS solution for this type of customer offer.

The Scope is being developed to capture contracts/ works under a financial threshold of 1 million to include maintenance works, responsive repairs and install and maintain services. 

Reach out to me at, and my team and we will be glad to support your specific growth requirements, just as we assist numerous local, national and international business services companies.

To assist suppliers bidding to enter the framework, Baachu team will be running CCS FM framework readiness training programmes over summer. Details to follow
We have also build a team of 60 Proposal Writers, Estimators, Researchers, Financial Analysts and Technical SMEs to help support our RAIN members and strategic clients to set the foundations to bid for CCS FM framework.  We will be allocating our resources on a first come first serve basis. Drop us a line if you would like to discuss your support –

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