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Many businesses outsource aspects of their operations, especially those that are outside their areas of expertise. Businesses may hire cleaning companies, Security & Marketing agencies and freelancers to help them achieve their goals in business and day-to-day operations. Some companies prefer to keep everything in-house by hiring staff to accomplish all business and non-business tasks.

Outsourcing security gives you access to an expert team that has spent years in the security industry. Because of this, they stay up to date on the latest security trends to ensure they are providing the best service possible. A professional security company has the knowledge and training to protect your interests.

When it comes to security guard services, there are arguments on both sides of the coin. Proponents of utilizing in-house security like the idea of hiring, training and supervising their own personnel. Businesses in this camp feel they have the ability to develop a greater sense of loyalty because security teams are part of the company, not an outside contractor. 

However, those with the opposite opinion cite several important disadvantages to using in-house security services. For one, it is generally more expensive to hire, train and supervise your own security staff when you consider the need to purchase equipment, employee benefits and liability insurance.

Second, an in-house security manager will need to provide training and supervision to the security guard team, which can be a full-time job in itself. If the security manager is expected to manage other aspects of the company’s security program, they may be spread too thin to get the job done right.

Security Measures and Services

Virtually all commercial buildings of any size need some sort of security measures implemented to protect corporate assets and to reduce the liability for incidents. Routine security services touch on all areas of a mid- to large-size commercial or corporate-owned property.

Typically, the facilities management department may perform some of the functions and manage those aspects that are contracted out. The mix of in-house and outsourced services varies based on the specific needs of each company, whether union workforces are involved, and whether classified federal work is being performed. Routine tasks are often outsourced. The following are the security services typically provided:

  • Admittance Monitoring and Control
  • Visitor Processing
  • Alarm Response
  • Monitoring Parking
  • Documentation of Conditions and Incidents
  • Maintaining Logs
  • Tracking Incidents

Security Services Market in UK

The Security services command a Total Contract Value in excess of £5 billion in the UK Market as per our database. The service has more than 700 contracts spread across several market sectors. Both Public and Private sectors contribute almost equally at 50% each to the overall contract value with Private sector contributing £2.51 billion and the public sector £2.49 billion to the total contract value.

A look at sectoral dissection based on the contract data that Baachu maintains gives a clear idea of which sectors avail Security services far more than others and their share in the overall pie. The competitive landscape gives an insight into leading players active in this arena.

Recent Outsourcing performance 

A clear pattern emerges from a look on the extent of outsourcing for security services from buyers across market sectors over the last seven quarters. The below given trends depicted through the bar graph clearly shows a co-relation of business as usual vis-à-vis abating of pandemic. While the amount of outsourcing was subdued in all the quarters of 2021 barring Q2, the trend shows a growth in the two out of the three quarters of this year. The current year has already witnessed outsourcing to the tune of £127 Million in first three quarters against £96 Million in whole of 2021.  


To have a deeper understanding of Security Services Market and the latest trends that are impacting the facilities management landscape with data analytics, Please join us in our upcoming webinar “UK Facilities Management Market Analysis : Security Services Market” on 18th Nov-2022 at 9 AM UK time. 

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