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Tender Alert : £800m NHS Hard FM Framework (Second largest FM Framework in UK)

Baskar Sundaram

£800m NHS SBS Hard FM Framework, UKs second largest FM framework closes in a week

NHS SBS Framework procurement solution covers all areas related to Hard FM to provide a quick, simple and compliant procurement route to market for services including, but not limited to: Fully Managed Service, Measured Terms Contracts (MTC) on Painting and Decorating, Mechanical, Electrical, Building, Repair & Maintenance, Energy, Heating, Ventilation, Facilities Services, Building Management Services (BMS), Computer-Aided Facilities Management (CAFM), Fire, Signage, Electrical Sundries, Statutory Inspections and more.

What does the framework cover?

To provide Estates, Facilities and Capital teams a compliant route to market for the provision of Hard Facilities Management Products and Services from a wide range of estates and maintenance specialisms, utilising both SMEs and national providers, to deliver either a single service, bundled service or provide a fully managed service.

Key services covere

  • Fully Managed Service
  • Measured Terms Contracts (MTC) on Painting and Decorating, Mechanical, Electrical, Building
  • Building Management Services (BMS)
  • Computer-Aided Facilities Management (CAFM)
  • Electrical Sundries
  • Fire Safety Equipment
  • Removal Services
  • Rating Support
  • Roofing and Guttering
  • Plumbing
  • Ventilation and Air Conditioning

This new version replaces 2017 version SBS/17/MN/PZJ/8874 detailed Here


Contract tender deadline: 15 October 2021
Contract start: 25 February 2022
Contract end: 24 February 2026
Contract duration:4 years

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NHS Hard FM opportunity to register your interest and guarantee access to our award winning proposal consulting services.


Baskar Sundaram is a inclusive entrepreneur and business growth expert who balances purpose and profit. He is Founding Director of Baachu  UK based Market Development Advisory.

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Baskar Sundaram
Founder and Director, Baachu
Phone: ‪0203 574 8855‬

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