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☔ FM Insider issue 26 – Blog on Facilities Management Landscape by Sector-Retail, Tender Alert, Cleaning Services Market Report, Top News, Strategy to Sales, Inspiring Stories, Webinar Announcements and much more

Baskar Sundaram
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Issue #26

Friday, October 8th , 2021

It looks like you missed this week’s Insider, but that’s okay…

With all the hard work you do every week, things are bound to get lost in the inbox every now and then.

  Here’s a copy so you don’t have to go digging.

FM Blog Posts Corner

UK Facilities Management landscape by Sector – Retail

UK retail sector is the single largest private sector in UK, with 1 in 10 people working in retail. 


The Retail sector spends circa ~£4.6Bn, in which Soft FM accounts of services contracted with TCV of ~£2.5Bn (54%), followed by Hard FM with ~£1.2Bn (25.1%) and Integrated FM with ~£0.4Bn (9.3%) according to database value of Dec 2020.Continue Reading

Tender Alert

We hand pick one opportunity a day and share to industry friends. Our Rain APP crawls 100 sources every day and we document lot more live tenders and contract awards. We use this for our internal market intelligence.

If you are interested we can curate public and private sector FM tender alerts and contract awards and share every week

Get in touch with our team at to register your interest and guarantee access to our award winning proposal consulting services.

£800m NHS SBS Hard FM Framework – NHS SBS Framework procurement solution covers all areas related to Hard FM to provide Estates, Facilities and Capital teams a compliant route to market for the provision of Hard Facilities Management Products and Services from a wide range of estates and maintenance specialisms, utilizing both SMEs and national providers, to deliver either a single service, bundled service or provide a fully managed service.

Contract Tender Deadline : 15th October 2021 Read more

£11.5m Edinburgh College Integrated Facilities Management – The Authority is seeking a Service Provider for the supply of an Integrated Facilities Management Service. The tender process is conducted in two stages. In the first stage, the authority is seeking a supplier for Integrated Facilities Management Services and the second stage is the Invitation to Tender.
Contract Tender Deadline : 22nd October 2021 Read more


£60m FCA Facilities Management & Catering/Front of Office (FOH) Tender opportunity – The FCA is seeking to appoint two bundled service providers to deliver Facilities Services at 12 Endeavour Square (12 ES), London E20 1JN; and Quayside House (QSH), 127 Fountain bridge, Edinburgh EH3 9QG. The FCA is establishing a contractual mechanism to provide Facilities Services to the FCA for a period of three years.

Contract Tender Deadline : 7th November 2021 Read more


£36m Wandsworth & Richmond Councils Hard FM opportunity – The authority is seeking to appoint Contractor(s) via a restricted procurement opportunity for Hard Facilities Management Services. The Services will be split into three Lots: Building Fabric Maintenance Services, Electrical Services, and Mechanical Services. The Services under each Contract may be extended to the schools within both boroughs as accessing parties.

Contract Tender Deadline : 4th November 2021 Read more

Cleaning Services Market – Overview, FM Market in UK, Outsourced FM Market by Type and Service, Impact & Opportunities due to COVID-19 and Digitization in Cleaning

We have put together the latest data & updates and framed the report on Cleaning Services Market for you. The report presents an overview and discusses the opportunities created as well as the repercussions of the pandemic on the market . Check out the report to have an insight into the Cleaning Services Market. Click Here

Tales to Remember

Leadership is more about responsibility than power. Being a leader is not everyone’s cup of tea. The pandemic has urged people to take the initiative and speak up for themselves as well as for their fellow beings. We at Baachu Talk invite such leaders to share experience and inspire us all. Read below to know more and get the best of it.

This Week our Guest for Baachu Talk Podcast was with William Butler OBE FRGS. He joined Brompton in 2002 and became the Director in 2006. He is passionate about engineering and has previously worked with Nissan, DuPont and ICI. William is a Fellow at the Institute of Mechanical Engineers and Royal Geographical Society.
To know more about William and his incredible story, check out the full episode right now. Happy listening !

We have 24 outstanding as well as diverse human leadership stories from UK Government and industry to check out, visit our website and listen now  Baachu Talk Podcast

What's Popping?

Facilities Management sector is  very diverse and transitioning with many new contracts being won by the top companies and new appointments taking place. It is necessary to keep a track and stay updated. We provide you with the top 3 Pick every week  and OUR CAPTURE BOT can automatically pull competitor and customer intelligence. Drop us a line –

New Acquirement

SFMI partners with Methven UK to raise awareness of water management
Read More

Prevention of Wastage

Wates Property Services introduces first fleet of EVs
Read More

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