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Issue #66

Friday, 12th August, 2022

This Week Tender Alerts

The last seven days have seen an uptake in the number of tenders released over the previous week. The week saw more than 100 bid invitations from FM Buyers worth more than £300 Million. Among the categories Services surpassed Works & Products with Repair & Maintenance from Hard FM along with Cleaning, Catering and waste management from Soft FM stealing the limelight. Construction related works projects also saw high number of tenders during the week.

Social Housing in UK - An FM Perspective

Social housing in the UK is low cost housing allocated on the basis of need. Social housing is provided by either housing associations (not-for-profit organisations that own, let, and manage rented housing or the local council. The housing sector which is predominantly owned by public sector entities including Local & Central Government and Housing associations run by Not-for-Profit organizations in the UK provides a large opportunity for FM suppliers. Its size is estimated to be in excess of £7.3 billion in Total contract value as per the available contracts information

Baachu UK FM Market Report

Are you in search of quality insights on UK FM Market? Baachu UK FM Market report presents future possibilities in terms of renewal business accruing from contract expiry for FM Suppliers. Baachu report is based on Contract value and a large section in the Report is dedicated to Company Introduction, its achievements and How it can partner buyers and sellers in developing their business.  

UK FM Market Analysis : Commercial Building & Offices Sector Market

The Commercial buildings & Office sector provides a huge opportunity for suppliers of FM services as the sector is expanding after the last two year lull owing to Covid-19. The sector as per our database is as large as £15 billion in Total Contract Value for FM Suppliers. A look at the data on Contract renewals suggests contracts worth more than £500 Million will expire during the remaining period of 2022.

In our upcoming FM webinar on the topic, UK FM Market Analysis : Commercial Building & Offices Sector Market, we will  delve deep into the latest on the sector as well as upcoming opportunities for FM suppliers.

Please register below and join us on 6th September 2022, at 3pm UK for detailed insights on the Offices & Commercial Buildings Market.

Industry News

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